This body oil has replaced my lotions. It absorbs beautifully and has the most intoxicating scent. Applying it lifts my mood each time. It’s also great for scars/rashes. I am very impressed overall and can’t wait to order more! Love it all year but summer time is when I put it on the most. When the sun touches your skin that 24k Gold shine is everything from my neck to my toes!


Hand crafted to perfection. Good wick burn. Great scent that lingers throughout your home (I️ have 3 floors in which I have the Luxury size placed on the second floor and can smell a hence if it from the the 1st and 3rd). My wife walked in one day and says, “mmm, that smells good” (and she’s not one for comments). 

Treat yourself. You’ll love it.

Ricasso Reek (Rico)

Just got my second bar of The Goat because I'm obsessed with the smell! Think I'm going to venture out next into other combos becsuse everything I've gotten so far is so good.

Isis King

This body butter works magic on my heels and hands! They are soft, no drying cracks and it keeps my feet MOISTURIZE 24/7! This is my new go to moisturizer 

Jamie Lee Tracey

I love my dad hat. It allows me to throw something on that is stylish and my hair is not done. Just as much as when my hair is done but, will add flavor to my outfit for the day.

Monee Perkins

Literally the best soap I’ve ever smelled in my life. It doesn’t leave a soapy residue on your skin & the smell will last with you all day. On a hot summer day, if you sweat, the scent of the soap intensifies. Absolutely AMAZING!!! Definitely a must have. 


I have really bad excema and this feels good on my skin. Keeps it moisturized for hours. 


I received Rue La La body butter as a Christmas gift and that’s all I really use now. I absolutely love it!! The scent is so settle but sweet. The butter itself feels gentle to the touch. When I applied it on my skin it feels soft and smooth. I recommended my friends this butter. They loved it! I will be ordering more!